Rockin' Robbie

My first recollection of Rock n Roll was in 1974 aged 14 when living in Wales. At that time I heard Bill Haley's Rock around the clock as it was re-released and in the charts and I liked it.

However it was in 1975/76 when in London that I learned about RnR in more detail from a schoolmate of mine who was a young Ted. Although it was mostly what is considered now to be commercial stuff, I really liked it and I was transformed into a young Ted myself.

I eventually went to a club in 1977 called the Hopbine in Wembley Lomdon where 50s Flash was the DJ and Wow !!  I discovered a whole new music thanks to Flash and swapped my drape for a check shirt and jeans and really learned a lot of new music we all call Rockin'

However I also like some 1940s Swing music and recall 50s flash playing the Andrews Sisters in the clubs during the jiving sections of his hops. So for the past 40 years almost, that’s been my music interests.

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